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Become a Validator

Validator nodes are a crucial component of the X1 network. These nodes operate as full nodes and contribute to consensus, thereby enhancing the network's security and facilitating the creation of new blocks.


  • Minimum stake requirement: 100,000 XN
  • Maximum stake: 15x the minimum stake amount
  • Earn staking rewards and a 15% fee on delegator's rewards
  • Minimum hardware requirements: AWS T2.large EC2 (or equivalent) and at least 800GB of Amazon EBS General Purpose SSD (gp2) storage (or equivalent).

Step 1: Run A Full Node

Following the Developer Docs guide to install and run a full node.


Allow the node to fully sync before proceeding to the next steps.

Step 2: Fund a wallet

Deposit enough XN into your wallet to meet the validator requirements.

As of the current writing, a minimum of 100,000 XN (plus gas fees) is required.


For enhanced security, the use of a hardware wallet is strongly recommended.

Step 3: Create a Validator Key

Generate a validator key using x1. Remember to note down the validator public key, as it will be needed later. Set a strong password when prompted.

# Switch to the x1 user first.
# This is optional depending on your setup.
sudo su x1

x1 validator new

Step 4: Save the Validator Password

Securely store your validator password in a file using the given command:

echo "MY_STRONG_PASSWORD" > ~/.x1/.password
chmod 600 ~/.x1/.password

Step 5: Navigate to the X1 Explorer

Access the SFC Contract through the X1 Explorer.

Step 6: Connect Your Wallet

Use the “Connect wallet” button to link your validator wallet.

Connect wallet

Step 7: Enter Your Validator Public Key

Input your validator public key and desired stake amount, then click “Write.”

Connect wallet

Step 8: Confirm the Transaction

Approve the transaction through your wallet.

Step 9: Verify Your Validator Registration

Confirm your validator status by finding your validator ID on the PWA explorer using your wallet account, and note down the ID.

Step 10: Update the X1 Configuration File

Update the configuration file with your Validator ID, public key, and password file location.

# Use the example config file for a validator node
cp /usr/local/share/x1/configs/testnet/validator-node.toml \

# Edit the config file and update the Validator ID,
# public key, and password file's path.
# (Use your favorite text editor)
nano /etc/x1/config.toml

# Restart the node
sudo systemctl restart x1.service

# check the logs for any errors
journalctl -t x1 -f

🎉 Awesome!

You're now running an X1 validator node! Make sure to keep your node up and running.