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Xen Stake NFT

Xen Stake NFT is a part of the XEN Crypto ecosystem, offering a unique approach to staking cryptocurrencies.

Key Features

  • Staking as NFT: Enables users to stake XEN tokens and receive an NFT as proof of stake.
  • Tradeable Stakes: These NFTs can be traded on secondary markets, making the stakes portable.
  • Token Burning: Staking involves burning XEN tokens for a period ranging from 1 to 1000 days.
  • Adjustable APY: Starting APY of 20%, decreasing over time to a fixed rate of 2%.
  • Rarity Score: Includes unique scoring based on prime numbers and Fibonacci sequences for added value.


  • Staking Mechanism: When tokens are staked, they are permanently removed from the supply and minted anew upon unstaking.
  • Rarity Factors: The rarity score is determined by the token ID and block number's mathematical properties.


  • Enhanced Value: The rarity aspect potentially increases the value of certain NFTs within the system.
  • Participation in Projects: These NFTs may have additional power in various projects due to their rarity scores.

For more detailed information, visit XEN Crypto mainnet and GitHub repository.