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XENFT (XEN Torrent)

XENFT is an innovative component of the XEN Crypto ecosystem, characterized as an ERC-721 non-fungible token (NFT). It stands out through its unique batch minting process and the ability to back NFTs with XEN tokens.

Key Features of XENFT

  • Uniqueness: Each XENFT has distinct properties like term, maturity timestamp, cRank, AMP, EAA, count of VMUs, category, amount of XEN burned, and redemption status.
  • XEN Torrent Protocol: A batch minter that virtualizes Ethereum addresses into VMUs (Virtual Minting Units), facilitating bulk minting of XEN.
  • Security and Efficiency: Manages one private key for the entire batch of VMUs, enhancing security and simplifying the process.

Categories of XENFT

  1. Apex Category:

    • Description: Most exclusive and expensive, requiring substantial XEN burning.
    • Classes: Includes Xunicorn, Exotic, Legendary, Epic, Rare, each marked with a Yin Yang symbol.
    • Impact: Burning XEN reduces supply, potentially increasing its value.
  2. Limited Category:

    • Requirement: Burn 250 million XEN tokens.
    • Availability: Limited time post-launch.
    • Symbol: Distinguished by a rabbit symbol.
  3. Collector Category:

    • Purpose: For minting XEN in batches using XEN Torrent contract.
    • Classes: Named after gemstones, representing the number of VMUs and minting term duration.

Additional Aspects

  • Gamification and Art: Introduces an element of gamification and artistic expression.
  • Collectible and Future Utility: Each XENFT is a collectible with potential future utility in various applications.

For more detailed information, visit the XENFT Litepaper.